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NBC selects Anton/Bauer

Anton/Bauer has been selected to provide batteries, chargers and lighting to NBC during the network's coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Anton/Bauer has been selected to provide batteries, chargers and lighting to NBC during the network’s coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

As a longtime NBC Olympics partner, Anton/Bauer has provided its mobile power solutions and accessories to NBC since 1996. In addition, Anton/Bauer provides exclusive, on-site technical support 24/7, giving users access to dedicated customer service prior to and during the entire broadcast span.

“Good customer service on-site at the games is absolutely essential,” said Chip Adams, vice president venue engineering, NBC Olympics. “During the Olympics, you can’t be standing around trying to get a problem solved when you’re in the middle of a number of broadcasts happening simultaneously. Anton/Bauer has always been there to make sure we have what we need, and our experience with its team has been excellent. They’re always just a phone call away if we need something, and they’ll jump through hoops to get what we need to us or fix it for us. The company has an extremely customer-oriented team and I’m looking forward to working with them again in Vancouver.”

Anton/Bauer has worked with the NBC Olympics team to integrate its state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries into its arsenal of equipment. These lightweight batteries can be used on the camera, eliminating the need for cumbersome battery belts and reducing the load on the cameraman. Crews will also have access to Anton/Bauer’s new ULHM-LED, an efficient LED light module designed for use with the world’s most popular on-camera light, the Anton/Bauer UltraLight.

“Anton/Bauer has really been at the forefront of developing new battery technologies,” said Adams. “I have always been impressed by the great solutions Anton/Bauer comes up with to help us power our camera systems more effectively and efficiently. The company’s products are rock solid. Anton/Bauer has introduced us to next-generation solutions which continue to change how we approach the Olympics and improve our kits. One of the nicest new products we’ll be using this year is the Anton/Bauer ULHM-LED module that consumes less power, making sure our crew members have more power for longer periods of time.”

In addition to the ULHM-LED module, Anton/Bauer will provide a large variety of batteries, chargers and other equipment for the games. A sampling of Anton/Bauer products that will be on-site includes the lithium-ion Dionic 90, Dionic 160 and nickel-metal hydride HyTRON 140 batteries, along with the Quad 2702 and Dual 2722 chargers, as well as the UltraLight 2 camera mounted lights. Anton/Bauer brackets, lighting, belts, cables and other accessories will also be employed. Thirty-five NBC Olympics ENG and RF camera crews will pair the Anton/Bauer equipment with Sony PDW800 XDCAM and Sony PMW-EX3 HD cameras.