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National Theatre Live’s The Beaux’ Stratagem and Hamlet to be broadcast in Sony 4K

Two new National Theatre Live productions are to be captured in Sony 4K and projected to audiences across Vue Cinemas’ 84-site estate.

Two new National Theatre Live productions are to be captured in Sony 4K and projected to audiences across Vue Cinemas’ 84-site estate. The autumn shows mark the next step in a year-long three-way partnership between National Theatre Live, Vue Entertainment and Sony Digital Cinema 4K.

Eighteenth-century comedy The Beaux’ Stratagem (pictured), will be shot in 4K and then delivered for exclusive ‘encore’ screenings to Vue customers around the UK as a 4K DCP (Digital Cinema Package). This will allow audiences to appreciate the expanded colour space captured by Sony’s F55 4K camera.

In October, a performance of Hamlet at the Barbican will be transmitted live in 4K for presentation in selected Vue cinemas, marking the first time that any theatrical production has been delivered live to multiple locations for simultaneous 4K projection. The Shakespearean tragedy will be transmitted with 4K resolution at 50fps.

“This eagerly-awaited production has been the fastest-selling show in London theatre’s history”, said Emma Keith. “It’s wonderful that we have the opportunity to future-proof Hamlet in 4K, giving the widest possible audience a chance to experience this landmark production ­ both live and after the event.”

The 4K showings will be screened with Vue’s Sony Digital Cinema projectors, and build on the success in March of Behind the Beautiful Forevers ­ the first NT Live production covered by the agreement that was recorded and screened exclusively to Vue customers in Sony 4K.

“Presented in Sony 4K, these two visually sumptuous productions push the rapidly-evolving boundaries of event cinema even further,” said David McIntosh, vice president, Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the Americas. “At Sony we understand the power of connecting viewers with wonderful emotional experiences. It’s a great privilege to be closely involved with partners of the calibre of NT Live and Vue Entertainment in creating something very special for audiences.

Kevin Styles, managing director (UK and Ireland) of Vue Entertainment, added: “At Vue we place entertainment and digital innovation at the heart of our services and we are delighted to bring this exclusive world first real time 4K transmission to our customers. Importantly, those customers who wouldn¹t normally be able to access such fantastic theatrical productions can now not only enjoy the thrill of live events but can do so in the most realistic and technically innovative way.”