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Motion Impossible Trax Adele for CBS special

Company's AGITO dolly system was used to film the singer's performance for CBS special

Motion Impossible’s AGITO Trax modular dolly system helped capture Adele’s performance during the two-hour CBS special celebrating the release of her upcoming album, 30.

The event was filmed at Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory, with Jeff Lee from AbelCine on site as the AGITO tech, and Dave Eastwood piloting the dolly system, as well as serving as camera and gimbal operator.

To accommodate the special staging at the Griffith Observatory, a customed curved track was built at the front apron. “Normally, the AGITO would use a tower, but with the placement of the AGITO so close to the stage, we didn’t use a tower so as not to obstruct the sightlines of the audience,” said Lee.

“Since the camera crew, including Dave, had to be hidden from the other cameras, we utilised the mag-stop sensors so he could confidently navigate the entire length of the track even without ideal line of sight. He used the foot pedal controls so his hands were free to operate the gimbal, allowing him to focus on capturing the best angles of the performance without worrying about the specifics of the technology.”

“This is yet another example of how the AGITO can give directors another creative tool, especially for live entertainment productions,” added Rob Drewett, CEO and co-founder of Motion Impossible. “We’re really pleased to see AGITOs being used more extensively in live entertainment, sports, movies, and commercial production.”