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Miranda camera-to-control room for OBs

Following the recent integration of Telecast Fiber Systems into Miranda Technologies, the company now claims to be able to provide production trucks with suitable systems all the way from the camera to control room.

Following the recent integration of Telecast Fiber Systems into Miranda Technologies, the company now claims to be able to provide production trucks with suitable systems all the way from the camera to control room. Miranda, which is part of a Belden (which owned Telecast) since its acquisition last summer, now offers a combination of products that provide connectivity and control of all elements from content acquisition through playout, including routers and multiviewers. Its offering for OBs is designed to exploit the advantages of lightweight, easy to install fibre using Telecast CopperHead camera mountable transceivers. This requires only two strands of fibre optic cable to carry all bi-directional signals, including video, audio, intercom and data, to an OB vehicle. The CopperHead replaces a multitude of copper coax cables found in typical OB applications and provides considerable savings in weight, power and resources. CopperHead’s multiple, bi-directional signals can be distributed through an OB truck using Miranda’s space-saving NVision 8140 router. Taking up only 8RU, the hybrid NV8140 provides a 144×288 routing matrix with the reliability of full 2+1 crosspoint protection. The efficient router, part of Miranda’s NVision 8500 enterprise class router series, supports hybrid modules, which offer audio/video switching and processing in a single chassis and include a range of advanced options such as an eight-input frame sync card and a disembedding/embedding output card. Miranda has also optimized control with its new NV920 controller, a fully redundant control system housed in 1RU, with advanced tie-line management and HTML5-based monitoring. The high-density, multifunctional router control panels are easily re-configured to match user requirements. The NVision 9654 LCD control panel, for example, has 54 relegendable buttons in 2RU, to provide considerable customization capabilities. Users can quickly recall common configurations and change names and colours to enable more efficient workflows. Its Kaleido-X multiviewer range has been extended with a powerful, space- and energy-efficient modular board set in the new Kaleido-Modular-X, which was launched at NAB. It enables monitoring systems to be created with a combination of versatile input/output cards that are claimed to offer advanced features and provide excellent video and graphics quality. In an OB truck, the modules can be used as building blocks to simplify system design within a compact, 3RU, air-cooled Miranda Densité 3 frame. Handling matrices up to 64×4, Kaleido-Modular-X uses Miranda’s proprietary, SMPTE-compliant FlexBridge interconnect technology for scalability and flexibility. It also saves space by eliminating the need for external adapters. FlexBridge allows input and output modules to be connected within a frame or across multiple frames, with no limitation on the number of sources. This extra flexibility enables input modules to be installed in a frame adjacent to a router while the output modules can be installed in a separate frame adjacent to the display. The Kaleido multiviewers are should also integrate seamlessly with all commonly used production switchers, enabling them to display tallies directly from the switchers’ programme/preview buses. Miranda’s systems will also support UHDTV, and are being used by Sony in the new Telegenic’s 4K-equipped OB truck, which will use the UHDTV-enhanced NVision 8500 series router. It is optimized with SMPTE RP-168-compliant, quad-link 3Gbps switching to provide coherent, synchronized switching of all 4K links during the same vertical interval. The new Telecast CopperHead 3404K transceiver can carry four 3Gbps HD/SDI paths, for 4K production, from a camera to a truck or control room. For monitoring applications, its systems also handle 4K and downconvert standard HD so that standard HD/3Gbps multiviewers can be used for monitoring while 4K images can be integrated into a standard HD broadcast. David Fox