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Mediaproxy expands its range with captioning technology

The partnership aims to provide better accessibility for a wider TV audience

Mediaproxy has announced it has integrated AI-Media Technologies LEXI Recorded platform.

Furthering its collaboration with closed caption technology provider, AI-Media, the compliance monitoring developer aims to expand the range and capabilities of its LogServer system with the recently-launched LEXI Recorded self-service captioning and transcription platform. Mediaproxy has previously integrated LogServer with AI-media’s iCap cloud network.

LEXI Recorded is the latest addition to the AI-powered toolkit and is designed to enable fast turn-around captions for VoD with transcriptions and translations of broadcast output, said the company. Like LogServer, LEXI Recorded is file-based which allows integration between the systems. Outputs from LogServer’s logger/recorder can be taken into the AI-Media system.

Declan Gallagher, general manager of sales for the Asia Pacific region at AI-Media, said, “Our technology is also fully integrated into LogServer, enabling broadcasters to create a transcription on-demand of video content by simply selecting an in point and an out point on the clip they want captioned and sending it to LEXI Recorded from within the LogServer software.

“The use case is primarily for compliance reasons. If a broadcaster was asked what went to air and didn’t currently caption that channel, they would be able to quickly turn around a transcript of the content in question. Integrating further with LogServer has given our new service – and our users – a high degree of functionality and flexibility for an increasingly important aspect of broadcasting.”