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LWKS acquires cloud-based file sharing company ioGates

"We have to be able to share media and collaborate and cross boundaries that are far beyond expensive tin in a facility," LWKS CEO Peter Lambert tells TVBEurope.

LWKS has acquired ioGates, a developed of cloud-based file sharing software for video and film production.

The deal will see ioGates’ media cloud platform React added to LWKS’ suite of products for the TV and film industry.

“We have to be able to share media and collaborate and cross boundaries that are far beyond expensive tin in a facility,” LWKS CEO Peter Lambert tells TVBEurope.

“The team at ioGates started their company in 2007 and they have huge experience in overcoming the technology issues that really allow people to connect and collaborate. It’s got the depth to it to overcome any issues of a major broadcaster or production company that needs absolute security to be able to work.”

Lambert describes React’s core ability as enabling users to have direct tunnels between different teams, using IP or cloud. “It’s the ability for people to directly connect with each other, be they on set shooting, working on post production, people doing delivery, or people doing review. They all require a network of connections that are super fast and completely secure,” he states.

“It also includes digital rights management, things like making proxies and transcoding, GDPR is sorted, which is a big deal when you get to work with the big companies, and it’s simple. It’s not sending a complex thing where you’ve got to put in a username and a password and then you’ve got to do all this other stuff.”

Instead, the administrator provides the user with the ability to upload media but not download it. “They can create the edit without having to download and they can even put a rough cut back into the same folder or a similarly secure folder so that the people on set can see that the previs of a shot works or they don’t need to take another 16 takes because they’re not quite sure whether it was done right or not.”

As well as being employed for high-end TV and films, ioGates React will also be in use this weekend during the Eurovision Song Contest. “All of the different countries are able to collaborate through ioGates, so it’s very much a live and real time thing,” says Lambert.

ioGates React will join the company’s other products, Lightworks and QScan. “We’ve got three products, and each one of them is strong in its own right, but if you do wish to put them together, then they have an extra that is worth it,” Lambert adds.