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Libero Highlights play at Euro 2012

Broadcasters covering the European Football Championships in Poland - Ukraine are using a new product from VizRT subsidiary LiberoVision to break down the game’s key moments. Libero Highlight 5.0 provides 3D virtual replays and branded virtual graphics.

Broadcasters covering the European Football Championships in Poland – Ukraine are using a new product from Vizrt subsidiary LiberoVision to break down the game’s key moments, writes Adrian Pennington. Libero Highlight 5.0, which was officially released at the beginning of the month, provides 3D virtual replays and branded virtual graphics to help viewers understand pivotal game action and controversial plays. Using live camera signals and video clips captured by a video server, the image processing technology lets sports commentators replay the action and apply 3D effects and telestration. It can do 3D camera flights, to show viewers vantage points the real cameras never captured, such as a referee’s or linesman’s view, a position on the goal line, or from a bird’s eye perspective. Among the broadcasters that are covering Euro 2012 with the 3D analysis software are: ZDF Germany, TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norway, Globosat Brazil, Medcom Panama, TSN Canada, and TVP Poland. During their live coverage, these broadcasters use it in conjunction with a new version of LiberoVision’s 3D virtual replay system. The product’s capabilities include: Virtual run, which visualises where and how one player may run in a given play while the remainder of the players are held in a freeze frame; Panorama Stitch, which brings all parts of a stadium together for a panoramic, 3D stadium virtual view; 3D Offside Blade for a clearer separation of offside players and a grey board to highlight selected players. There is also iPad control of the Libero Telestrator for presenters. These features are also available for American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, rugby, and handball. The next version, Highlight 5.1, will incorporate volleyball and beach volleyball. Some broadcasters, like ZDF, are working with it at the International Broadcast Centre in Warsaw, while others are using it from the studio headquarters in their home countries using live camera feeds backhauled from the Euro 2012 stadia. According to the company, some commentators operate it via its user interface, while others control it via an Apple iPad using Viz Anchor, or the iPad Telestrator with on-set display on touchscreen monitors and video walls. ZDF is transferring analysis clips back to its open-air public viewing studio on the Usedom Island in Germany. It is using the Vizrt Sports Hub in Usedom to ensure integration with the Vizrt live graphics workflow at its network facility. The anchors playout and telestrate the highlight clips from the games using a touchscreen and an iPad, both running on Sports Hub. TV2 in Norway is using Sports Hub and Highlight 5.0 from its Norwegian studio. TV2 in Denmark is using Highlight 5.0 from its studio on a houseboat in Copenhagen. Sports commentators there are controlling it using an iPad to enhance live game analysis. “Highlight 5.0 was highly anticipated by broadcasters producing live coverage of Euro 2012,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, chief technical officer for Vizrt. “In covering such a popular event, broadcasters know they must employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure a visually dynamic production. What’s remarkable is how each of these Euro 2012 broadcasters will be using the same product in such different ways.”