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DPP: Cloud now a key production tool

Observes paradigm shift in how production companies make and manage content

The DPP has released a report into the ways in which production companies are using the Cloud.

Next Gen Production looks at 10 case studies, ranging from a small digital agency to a Hollywood studio, to monitor a potential paradigm shift in how production companies make and manage their content.

The report outlines a number of common themes, such as:

  • Distributed working: companies are using the Cloud so that teams spread around different cities or countries can access the same assets and workflows
  • Amplification: Cloud applications enable small companies to punch above their weight
  • Metadata and AI: production companies increase their effectiveness, and revenue, by using AI analytics deployed in the Cloud to better understand their content and their consumers
  • Security: virtual production has become a key enabler for companies who need to ensure their creative processes take place in a highly secure environment

“People have been talking for a decade about how connected and Cloud-led workflows could transform production processes,” said DPP MD Mark Harrison. “We wanted to find out if we have finally got to the point where technological maturity and business need have come together to make such a transformation possible. And the answer is they have.

“What is most striking about this incredibly diverse set of use cases is that each is motivated by a drive to be a more effective business. Ultimately these companies are seeking a competitive advantage.”

The report is available to members on the DPP website.