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BT Media and Broadcast uses Cobham RF technology for new service

Cobham RF equipment is being deployed for BT Media Live

Cobham RF equipment is being deployed for BT Media Live, a new managed service operated by BT’s digital media and broadcast solutions arm, BT Media and Broadcast. The service uses Cobham’s radio frequency equipment in two permanent receive sites in central London.

The service is managed from the BT Tower, taking advantage of the tower’s location, connectivity and scalability to give broadcast customers comprehensive city centre coverage and direct access to the BT Global Media Network.

BT Media Live’s camera-mounted transmission system enables camera crews to transfer footage wirelessly to studios for live and recorded broadcasts throughout the capital, without the need to deploy satellite trucks.

The transmit/receive system is comprised of Cobham’s 16.5dBi High Gain Sector and 12dBi Compact Sector Antennas; multi-way PRORXB receiver/decoders and a PRORX ASI demodulator; plus associated SHF-UHF downconverters and splitters.

Stuart Brown, broadcast systems director for Cobham Broadcast, said: “The system we have provided for BT Media Live is far more reliable than 3G/4G/Wi-Fi solutions because it runs over dedicated radio spectrum. It’s a very exciting development for both companies.”