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Alteon enables creatives to access 3D objects via Apple Vision Pro

Creatives can access USDZ files, the preferred file type of Apple and Pixar, via a smartphone, tablet or AR headset

Hot on the heels of Apple’s unveiling of its Apple Vision Pro headset, Alteon has announced support for augmented reality projects in the cloud.

According to the company, the new development will allow users of Alteon’s digital platform to store, view and collaborate on USDZ and other 3D formats remotely.

Once uploaded to Alteon’s asset management platform, users can view their 3D objects in the real world for instant augmented reality when accessing their file in Alteon with a smartphone, tablet or AR headset, such as Apple’s new Vision Pro.

The platform supports USDZ files, the preferred file type of Apple and Pixar, which Alteon renders in the cloud and displays as thumbnails.

“Bringing interactive media into a mainstream cloud asset manager means creatives will finally be able to access their content wherever they like—doing the work they need to when they need to,” said Alteon’s head of product Brian Meaney.