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Rascular debuts router control technologies

Rascular will be showing its recently updated, comprehensive range of router control technologies across SDI and NDI domains for the first time at IBC.

Meanwhile, Rascular has embraced NewTek’s increasingly popular NDI video-over-IP protocol with the recent launch of RouteMaster-Lite. This is a standalone, PC-based, single licence application, based on Rascular’s RouteMaster technology and is designed to provide comprehensive router control for NDI sources up to maximum 20×20 router size.

RouteMaster-Lite virtualises the NDI source and destination devices (the IP addresses) in the system making them sources and destinations on a virtual NDI router; it then allows full router source/destination control via a web panel that will be familiar to operators; and it also provides control via BlackMagic hardware router control panels.


RouteMaster integrates Rascular’s router control and emulation technology to form a flexible router control system. Built on tried and tested software modules, RouteMaster can be used with a wide range of broadcast video and audio routers – past, present and future, SDI and SDI/IP hybrid – from the major router manufacturers. It also provides control of NDI sources.


ClockWork is a simple-to-use, standalone PC-based application that provides both automated time-of-day and full manual video and audio router control. In the SDI domain, it works with video and audio routers from all leading manufacturers. The combination of ClockWork and RouteMaster or RouteMaster-Lite also provides simple time-of-day automated routing of NDI streams. Because ClockWork supports Rascular’s RouteMaster native websocket-based protocol, ClockWork users can use the full power of RouteMaster-Lite to route signals in the NDI domain up to 20×20 router size. With RouteMaster, it’s up to a maximum of 64×64.


Rascular will also be showing the latest version of its WebCentre application. This handles the allocation of device-independent web panels and user roles, allowing levels of user access and control to be administered across applications.

The company is also highlighting its ability to provide direct control of streaming content to Facebook Live using its flagship control technology Helm. This can be achieved via Helm on a PC or via associated, device-independent web panels.