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Ncam introduces lighting and depth solutions for AR

IBC2018 will see the first European presentation of Ncam Technologies’ portfolio of augmented reality products and solutions.

The company will also show its newest version of Ncam Reality, its second-generation camera tracking solution.

New innovations on stand include Real Light, which gives virtual graphics a more realistic appearance. Real Light captures important elements of real-world lighting (direction, colour, intensity etc) and renders those elements onto the virtual graphics in real-time, integrating them into the real-world scenario. Real Light also creates the right shadows and allows objects to react ‘naturally’, dynamically adapting to every lighting change.

Real Depth, Ncam’s solution that provides a new and unique automated technique for sensing depth is also on display. The Real Depth system, which is used with a green screen, extracts depth data in real-time to allow subjects to interact with their virtual surroundings for immersive and synergetic visual engagement. Subjects can now walk in front of or behind virtual objects, which up until now has not been easily achievable.

Ncam will also present its popular UE4 plug-in for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. A toolset which, when harnessed with Unreal Engine’s elite games engine rendering performance, enables broadcasters to achieve superior realism in real-time graphics. Meanwhile, Vizrt and Ncam will introduce a new integration between Vizrt’s real-time engine, Viz Engine, and the UE4 plug-in for the latest version of Unreal Engine 4.20. This new architecture enables Vizrt customers to combine template-based graphics and texts with Unreal Engine real-world graphic environments, to create superior looking graphics and enhanced storytelling within live production.

Finally, visitors to the Ncam stand will also see the 2018 release of Ncam Reality, the company’s second-generation camera tracking solution, offering unique markerless camera tracking capabilities that can operate in both studio and outdoor environments. Ncam Reality can also be configured to any type of camera including handheld and Steadicam. This new version will be released at IBC2018 and includes a series of new features and system optimisation for improved workflow and performance.