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Mobile Viewpoint debuts first 5G-ready wireless video link for live content

Mobile Viewpoint has launched 5GXLink, the first 5G-ready bonding device to enable fast transmission of live content from the latest Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X smartphone devices. 

To remain competitive, broadcasters are increasingly under pressure to capture and transmit content to live newsfeeds or the studio to deliver live content from the field – for example news, sport and entertainment – as soon as it happens. 5GXLink is designed to connect to an SDI camera to accelerate the transmission of content through the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X models, allowing camera crews and journalists to transmit content instantaneously.

5GXLink enables live content shot on a professional camera to be transmitted through a smartphone connection, effectively turning it into a Connected Camera. Designed to be compatible with any smartphone, 5GXLink now supports content transmission from the Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X models, as well as Android devices. Once 5G networks are launched, the 5G-ready bonding device will give journalists and camera crews the ability to transfer content files via private 5G networks, as a cost-effective alternative to COFDM modulation.

The ability to connect an SDI camera to a smartphone enables camera crews to go live in an emergency or unexpected incident, wherever they may be. The 5GXLink sleeve has been designed to fit into a camera bag, meaning camera crews and journalists in the field are not held back by multiple units. An internal 5000mAh battery also ensures that a camera can go several hours on air, even when the battery is low.

“Broadcasters want to deliver breaking news and report on live events as they happen,” said Michel Bais, CEO at Mobile Viewpoint. “Which means more and more camera crews and journalists are using smartphones to capture live content in the field. But this does not meet the quality of a professional SDI camera and files cannot be transmitted live either. We’ve designed 5GXLink to solve this problem, enabling camera crews and journalists to share high-quality content live from wherever they may be.”