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Lawo releases RƎLAY virtual radio mixer

Lawo has released the RƎLAY virtual radio mixer, which was first introduced at NAB earlier this year. RƎLAY is virtual mixing software that’s designed to make maximum use of

Lawo will be presenting the RƎLAY virtual radio mixer, introduced earlier this year, at IBC. RƎLAY is a virtual mixing software that’s designed to make maximum use of powerful laptop and desktop PCs. It takes advantage of computer virtualisation technology to allow its users to pack an entire studio’s worth of broadcast gear onto a single PC.

It is designed for grab-and-go remote kits, field journalists, fast setup of on-location studios, webcasting, a replacement for aging studio hardware, or as a permanent personal studio at home.

“You should have seen engineers’ eyes light up when they saw RƎLAY,” commented Lawo Radio marketing specialist Clark Novak.

“The moment they realised that not just mixing, but other hardware like audio processors, phone systems, codecs and more could be replaced with software that all runs on a single PC, they began thinking of ways to simplify studios and cut costs using virtualization. It wouldn’t surprise me if all radio studios were built this way one day.”

All mixing is done natively on a laptop or PC. Behind the scenes, software apps from RƎLAY partners supply virtualised codecs, phone hybrids, audio processors, cross-point routers, streaming encoders and other broadcast tools that run entirely in software, interfacing with the mixer via standard WDM or ASIO interfaces.