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Drones take to the air

The new IBC Drone Zone, situated in Congress Square (the central courtyard area outside Hall 13), gives visitors the opportunity to get to grips with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from several different manufacturers in complete safety. The Zone is essentially a large cage, to stop any wayward drones, with the leading manufacturers demonstrating their systems outdoors, subject to real flying conditions. DJI (9.C33), the Drone Zone sponsor has the 12:15-13:15 and 13:30-14:30 slots each day, while Amimon (11.C75) will be in the Zone today (Saturday 14:45-15:45) and Monday (11:00-12:00). Intuitive Aerial will also be flying from 11:00-12:00 and 16:00-17:00 today. Shenzen Wingsland Technologies (9.A30) is in the air on Sunday (14:45-15:45). Pictured: Autel Intelligence (8.E30) gets Zone off to a flying start.

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