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Droning on about aerial lighting

If you want to put a powerful light aloft, you either call in a huge crane or you can attach Light & Motion’s Stella Pro 10,000c to a drone. Its 10,000-lumen LED outputs up to 20,580 Lux at 1m, allowing the 750g light to deliver the equivalent 5600K output of a 400W HMI more than four times its size and weight.

A pair of these can easily be flown by one of the larger professional drones.

“Being able to place that much light in the air plus the ability to add light modifiers makes this a powerful aerial solution. As an aerial cinematographer, the Stella Pro 10,000c has opened lighting possibilities I never thought possible,” said Chris Odom of drone cinematography and photography specialists FireFly Media Group.

The robust IP54-rated 10,000c can be used with a wide range of mounts, modifiers and power options, has a TLCI score of 93, offers continuous dimming and controlled focus from 120° down to 50° or 25°, and is flicker-free to 1,000fps.