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5G breaking records and creating opportunities in broadcasting

By Yvonne Monterroso, director, Product Management, Dejero

To meet the growing needs of consumers who desire faster and higher-quality content delivered across multiple screens, in comes 5G. Promising to improve performances for revolutionary broadcast experiences, 5G offers higher (or less congested) bandwidth, which in turn delivers better connectivity, lower network latency, and improved reliability. The higher bandwidth, especially through extremely high-frequency mmWave, will also enable or strengthen broadcast workflows such as remote production.

5G won’t be available everywhere for some time, therefore, the ability to blend 5G with LTE, 4G and other connectivity such as satellite, will enable a smooth transition into 5G and enhance coverage in a seamless way during the rollout process.

Despite the many announcements around 5G rollouts, initial coverage is likely to be limited to specific geographies and major urban areas. The added reliability offered by Smart Blending Technology across multiple networks will continue to provide reliability in times of uncertainty. As we start to see less network congestion and more adoption of 5G, the broadcasting space will introduce lots of opportunity for showcasing unthinkable experiences, similar to the one Dejero had a hand in with Vodafone and Musion’s human-size hologram display. A world first, Musion 3D used Dejero’s EnGo mobile transmitters and receivers to place a live hologram of a young guitarist on stage at a rock concert in Bucharest, Romania, while he performed from a studio 2 km away. 

As 5G connections are strengthened and deployed, Dejero customers will want to leverage all possible connections, including 5G to continue to secure the performance of their applications. 5G opens up all sorts of opportunities for the media and entertainment industry. For Dejero, 5G is the next evolution of blended cellular network connections to provide greater reliability. We are excited to see how broadcast workflows will continue to evolve with the rollout of 5G.