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EditShare provides large-scale storage for London post-house Directors Cut

The new storage network also needed to deal with the demands of Directors Cut's work with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Directors Cut Films, a London-based post house known for its work in documentaries and entertainment, has replaced its propriety storage system with help from EditShare.

The new large-scale storage network is in place to support the facility’s 34 offline Avid suites, five online editing rooms which support Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve full-featured Avid, three audio suites and a large grading theatre with Baselight 2.

The new storage network also needed to deal with the demands of Directors Cut’s work with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The London post-house uses EditShare Universal Projects to move work through the facility

“EditShare showed us the ideas behind Universal Projects,” said Mark Manning, managing director of Directors Cut. “They demonstrated that they could move not just the material but everything involved in post, including bin structures, from room to room, machine to machine, including in and out of Avid, something no other 3rd party vendor can do.”

The storage system provides more than a petabyte of usable storage, consisting of five nodes each of 256 terabytes. The resilience built in also includes duplicated metadata controllers and high-speed, fibre ethernet switches. A sixth EditShare node is also included, in a high-security environment, to provide external access for receipt of content from locations, for remote log-ins, and for delivery.

“The EditShare offer was precisely what we needed,” said Manning. “It gives us secure storage, the convenience of client-accessible asset management, plus the big bonus of streamlined workflows across all our rooms using Universal Projects. We would probably be counted as a lighthouse customer for Universal Projects – we have certainly contributed a lot of thought and direction during its development – and it has very powerful functionality, ahead of anything else we found out there.”