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Amino visualises quality metrics data for pay-TV operators

Amino Engage Optimize enables operators to manage the Quality of Service being delivered in "a way that wasn’t possible until now", according to the company

Amino is extending the functionality of its SaaS platform to include Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics that help pay-TV providers identify service issues and provide clear insight into potential problems impacting subscribers.

According to the company, Amino Engage Optimize enables operators to identify the metrics most important to them and visualise service and device parameters by:

  • Harnessing power of data through custom visualisation widgets – the Data Inspector uniquely combines and displays data from devices, connection, networks, and accessories that can be customised for personalised dashboards, said Amino.
  • Visualising device KPIs – easily understand device health and quickly identify subscriber issues. Operators can initiate device actions like reboot, speed tests, remote view, and factory default to quickly resolve configuration related issues.
  • Customising early warning systems – built-in alarms monitor any metric and send alerts when thresholds are exceeded for proactive resolution before subscribers reach for the phone.
  • Gaining insights to consumption metrics – historical channel and app usage data can be used to reinforce content negotiations, identify high value ad slots, and prioritise promotional campaigns. These metrics can also pinpoint the use of potentially nefarious apps commonly associated with content piracy, said the company.

“The ability to gather, analyse, and visualise data across the entire video delivery workflow is a very powerful tool that is now an imperative in today’s highly competitive world,” said Donald McGarva, CEO of the Amino Group.

“Engage Optimize enables operators to manage the Quality of Service being delivered in a way that wasn’t possible until now. Based on our 20+ years of experience, we make it easy for operators to easily trace issues back to the root cause for fast and cost-effective resolution.”