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Keep your fans engaged!

How event-based TV content such as cliffhanger dramas and Reality TV can be used to personalise the viewer experience and maximise monetisation opportunities

Event-based television is becoming increasingly important for channel originators, broadcasters and content owners. Beyond examples of sports and news, these events also include the latest release of a cliffhanger drama or millennial reality TV programmes.

The huge followings attracted by this type of programming and content underline just how important these scheduled TV events are. Missing out on the latest plot line reveal or who is ‘out’ via social media is now just as critical as not knowing the latest sports scoreline.

Scheduled viewing opens new opportunities for channel originators, broadcasters and content owners to increase audience share and create monetisation opportunities. Additional content can be curated, streaming channels developed, and new shared viewing experiences can be created enabling deeper fan engagement for this content. This could include use cases such as linking main screen and second screen experiences using HbbTV or fast deployment of content to social media. Monetisation options range from micro-payments for additional content or merchandise, through to personalised advertising.

Addressing these opportunities requires new workflows that can be quickly and simply deployed through an ecosystem including acquisition, playout and graphics through to streaming and, of course, the end-user experience. This is a perfect use case for an as-a-Service proposition that will enable channel originators, broadcasters and content owners to create these new experiences – without an ongoing commitment.

If a single service is the key to being able to deliver this type of streaming event content, then MediaKind’s latest media technology solution, Engage, can help realise its value. 

MediaKind has a deep expertise in delivering broadcast workflows, built on more than 25 years heritage of innovation in the media technology space. Combined with our transformation into a cloud native portfolio, MediaKind is well placed to provide a service, all accessible via APIs and web-based portal, which can deliver the value that channel originators, broadcasters and content owners need for these types of streaming events. 

At its core, the MediaKind Engage service is built around three pillars, aligned with key values required by any broadcaster or channel originator wanting to deliver content to their consumers. 

  • The best video quality at the most efficient bitrate
  • The highest levels of availability
  • End-to-end latency rivalling that of broadcasting and social media

Utilising a simple commercial model, coupled with a comprehensive service delivering all the components needed to deliver streaming events to consumers, MediaKind Engage is the foundation to drive pure engagement with subscribers and viewers whilst creating new super-fans of event-based content.

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