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Disney’s Magic Streaming Kingdom

Analyst predicts the streamer will reach 155 millions global subs in the next four years

Influential media analyst Michael Nathanson has predicted Disney Plus will reach 155 million global subscribers in the next four years.

Before the SVoD launched, Disney said they hoped it would reach between 60-90 million global subs in its first five years. In August Disney announced the streaming service had already reached 60.5 million subscribers less than a year after its initial launch.

Aggressive pricing and strong programming continues to drive the business, said Nathanson.

Nathanson, who last year estimated that Disney Plus would reach 25 million subscribers by 2024, predicts the streamer will grow to 42 per cent of US domestic broadband subs (or 55 million), not far from the 57 per cent he expects to be Netflix subs in the same time frame.

“Disney has proven to the Street that Disney Plus is a big enough lifeboat to help the company reach the other side of this media landscape upheaval in a strong position,” Nathanson said.