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Amazon to stream Premier League games on Twitch

First time Premier League games have been available on Twitch

Amazon has announced it will stream the four Premier League matches it has the rights to free on Twitch – the first time the platform has been used to stream England’s top-tier football.

Streaming matches on Twitch will enable fans to interact with one another during the game.

The tech giant’s football coverage resumes with Crystal Palace vs Burnley on 29th June. It streamed two rounds of matches in December.

Amazon has also worked with gaming company EA Sports to give viewers the opportunity to watch games with synthetic crowd noises. It is calling the technology Stadium Atmosphere.

“We are extremely passionate about delivering the best experience for our customers whilst following guidelines to ensure the safety of our production team,” said Alex Green, managing director of Amazon Prime Video Sport Europe.

“Beyond this, we have made a number of additions that bring extra choice to our customers in how they watch, from full-crowd Stadium Atmosphere to streaming our Prime Video fixtures on leading streaming service, Twitch.”