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EBU investigates best practice for UHD and HDR

Organisation has launched two new activities looking at UHD and production codecs

The European Broadcasting Union has launched a number of new initiatives which aim to look at best practice in the areas of Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range.

The UHD Strategy Support Group is led by Karl Petermichl, strategy officer at Austrian broadcaster ORF.

It addresses best practice on the use of UHD, HDR and NGA production technology, with a current focus on providing guidance for live and file-based HDR material.

The Group has already published a UHDTV Glossary, and intends to deliver UHD TV contribution specs for both live and file-based workflows, as well as a survey of EBU members.

The EBU has also established the Video Evaluation Group, covering subjective and objective evaluations work.

The Group will focus on production codecs, test sequences, testing of AI-powered algorithms, as well as upsampling from SD to HD and HD to UHD. It is led by Roberto Iacoviello, lead research engineer at RAI.

Among the Video Evaluation’s Group plans for 2021 are tests of real-time, mezzanine codecs, and production codecs implementation tests.