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Supponor opens new French R&D centre

The AI R&D team will conduct research into computer vision AI and natural scene rendering

Virtual advertising company Supponor has opened a new research and development centre in the Sophia-Antipolis region of France.

The new facility will be part of the company’s plans to build and deploy AI-driven capabilities across its platform.

The expanding AI R&D team will form a crucial part of the Supponor’s growing product organisation, said the company, conducting both short-term and long-term AI research in the field of computer vision AI and natural scene rendering.

“This is an exciting moment both for Supponor and for France,” said Ali Mouizina, head of research at Supponor. “We have an unparalleled team of experts in the field of AI/ML-centric computer vision. The research this team conducts in Sophia-Antipolis will support Supponor in scaling up to new challenges and will be central to innovating Supponor’s product capabilities and enhancing our market expansion.” 

“France is the best location for us to execute our AI-focussed R&D activity to support our product innovation and market expansion goals,” added Steve Plunkett, chief product officer, Supponor. “The Sophia-Antipolis region has a large and growing pool of AI talent and a dense network of research centres. This first year of operation will see us bring together a team of 10 AI research professionals, which we will continue to expand over the next several years, to support our ambitious technology and commercial goals.”

Supponor’s software-based technology Supponor AIR is currently deployed in close to 3,000 live sports events.