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The R&D and product development landscape: farmerswife

In the second of our new feature series looking into the R&D and product development landscape in the broadcast market, we hear from farmerswife CTO Michelle Griffin.

What impact has the pandemic and its continuing aftereffects had on the company’s approach to R&D and product development?

At farmerswife we have always known that our people are our greatest asset. This has been even more the case in the last few years. We have adapted ways of working and improved flexible options so our team can do their best work, and provide the opportunities to engage as a team too.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in R&D and product development/deployment in the current landscape? 

For our engineering groups, the talent market is constantly changing, from the high demands post-Covid to the downsizing of large tech companies in recent times. Throughout this time, we are always looking for talented developers, QA and Dev Ops to join our team. We are always on the lookout for the talent to grow our team, but it can be challenging in the tech space.

Where do you see the most opportune areas for innovation in your area of the market, and what tech/solutions will drive that development? 

For some years now we have been focused on offering our products as cloud services, giving people the flexibility to work from wherever is best for them, and have a clear view of what they need to do, and have the tools to do it. Collaboration is key and our latest product Cirkus is where we see a lot of growth over the next years.

What are you working on currently that excites you as a product team, and what can we expect to see at IBC 2023?  

We will be showcasing our latest farmerswife 7.0, with our revamped dark mode and design. Also with Cirkus we have a really advanced way to channel work to operators and resources with our request flows. Plus, you can use both products together, as an integration solution for your whole business!