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HBS smashes immersive experience with French Open coverage

The collaboration built on innovations introduced over the previous three tournaments, and included referee cams for the first time

HBS has announced the Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT) implemented its referee cams for the first time at this year’s Grand Slam.

The collaboration aimed to provide viewers with immersive views of the decision-making process as umpires verified calls during the men’s and women’s final matches.

This year’s event is the fourth time HBS has acted as host broadcaster and was the first time that referee cams have been implemented in a major tennis tournament, said the company.

Additionally, microphones were placed in the coaches’ boxes, aimed at enhancing the immersive experience for viewers. HBS also said that digital board replacement (DBR) overlays were added live for the first time on two feeds.

François Quisfix, director of media and production, FFT, said: “This successful collaboration between the HBS and FFT teams has offered international and domestic rights holders a broadcast production that meets the highest international standards.”

“We are incredibly proud of all that we have achieved for the FFT over the past four years,” added Philippe Oziol, project director, HBS. “Each year our team has worked closely with the FFT to bring new angles and production methods, ensuring that France’s Grand Slam event is continuously at the forefront of innovation in tennis coverage. It is our pleasure to work on this mission with our close neighbours in the Paris suburbs.”