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France Télévisions employs Starlink and TVU to cover Queen’s funeral

Broadcaster aggregated multiple separate signals into a single redundant stream using the combined TVU-Starlink solution

France Télévisions employed technology from Space X’s Starlink and TVU Networks to cover the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II without the need for internet, satellite or live trucks.

The broadcaster anticipated that cellular networks would become overburdened, which led it to combine TVU Networks’ TVU One with Starlink. The unique ability of TVU One to aggregate multiple separate signals into a single redundant stream frees its users from cellular saturation and puts an end to instability, the main cause of signal degradation in many live news situations, TVU said.

The combination of TVU Networks and Starlink technologies was tested and validated in the extreme transmission conditions in Ukraine and Corsica before being certified by the technical teams of France Télévisions.

“We must offer news production teams and reporters technological solutions to cover every major event regardless of constraints,” says Skander Ben Attia, director of engineering at France Télévisions. “The flexibility and ease of use of the TVU Networks solutions met these conditions 200 per cent.”