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Zixi partners with Red Bee and TAG, G&D showcases KVM, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest products and solutions news from Zixi, Red Bee Media, TAG Video Systems, Guntermann & Drunk and Limelight Networks

Live video distribution over IP company Zixi has announced new partnerships with both Red Bee and TAG Video Systems.

TAG has integrated Zixi to allow customers to aggregate all sources into one visual mosaic monitoring platform. The Zixi protocol and video solutions stack, including Zixi Feeders, Receivers and Broadcasters, are now supported internally in the TAG MCM-9000.

The MCM-9000 provides a monitoring solution for all the transmission layers starting from the TS packet header all the way down to the encoded video content and quality.

The integration of Zixi means that TAG now supports Zixi on both input and output transport streams. Input stream support allows Zixi feeds to be received, monitored and displayed directly by the TAG system, and output stream support allows TAG mosaic outputs to also include Zixi processing when feeding operator displays.

Meanwhile, Red Bee has adopted the SDVP and standardised services on Zixi and Zixi ZEN Master for the management of Channel Store, its global signal aggregation and distribution platform.

“Zixi allows us to not only confidently deliver live video with end to end ultra-low latency but also easily manage the services with ZEN Master,” said Kristian Langbridge, head of transformation and distribution, Red Bee Media. “The Zixi SDVP and ZEN Master gives us the unique ability to configure, deploy and monitor Channel Store streams from anywhere in the world without having to deploy disparate systems.”

Guntermann & Drunck opens virtual showroom

G&D is launching a new virtual showroom to showcase how its KVM equipment works in a live application.

The permanently installed control room will enable visitors to experience first-hand how KVM systems interact with different applications. Visitors will also be able to see a live demonstration of how G&D’s KVM systems and their intelligent control options can be optimally integrated into a control room installation.

The ControlCenter-Xperience showcases a complete control room setup where the computer equipment has been moved to a separate technology room. It opens on 1st October.


Limelight expands edge capabilities

Limelight has launched EdgeFunctions, a new serverless compute service which allows developers to deploy and run their own code.

According to the company, EdgeFunctions is ideal for streaming video and content delivery use cases such as personalised streaming, content protection, dynamic ad insertion, A/B testing, and image manipulation.

NAGRA has already utilised EdgeFunctions for its NexGuard Streaming forensic watermarking technology, deploying its customised solution into Limelight’s network edge locations and running it on demand, at scale, for both VOD and live OTT watermarking workflows.