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Crystal Vision releases IP gateways for SMPTE ST 2110, ST 2022

Designed for integrating SDI into an IP environment and vice versa

Crystal Vision has released three IP gateways for SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022 video.

The IP inputs and outputs are individually selectable between ST 2022 and ST 2110, allowing use with both protocols at the same time if required.

Designed for transporting uncompressed video over 10GbE IP networks, Crystal Vision’s IP gateways are software apps that run on the MARBLE-V1 media processor hardware.

The software apps are suited to any ST 2022 system and to ST 2110 studio environments when the video and audio are processed separately.

The M-GWSDIIP-6 and M-GWIPSDI-6 IP gateways are designed for integrating SDI into an IP environment and IP into an SDI environment, whether those environments are ST 2022, ST 2110 or a mixture of both.

Crystal Vision said the six-channel solution saves rack space while making each channel cost-effective, and allows the user to switch between different inputs and send to multiple outputs.

“The Crystal Vision gateway apps are designed to reduce the mystery of IP systems,” said Crystal Vision MD Philip Scofield. “The inputs are very tolerant, the output packets are perfectly spaced and the monitoring describes the quality of your IP flows. The extra features will make it easier to get and keep your IP systems working.”