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Meet the PAM-IP: ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 made easy

Developed specifically to address the requirements of customers monitoring uncompressed SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 sources, the PAM-IP features 2 x 10Gig/E interfaces, enabling direct connection to redundant IP networks.

Customers looking to monitor IP video and audio sources require an intuitive and familiar user interface along with a straightforward method of operation. The PAM-IP also features Primary and Secondary Dante ports,SDI, AES and Analogue connections for use with traditional infrastructures.

Video Confidence Monitoring – view ST-2022-6, ST-2110-20 and SDI video content directly on the front panel of the PAM-IP or via its dedicated SDI output router.

Comprehensive Loudness Monitoring – check loudness levels for ST-2022-6, 2110-30, SDI, AES and Analogue audio sources.

Dolby Decode – monitor Dolby E®, Dolby Digital® and Dolby Digital Plus® audio sources, complete with comprehensive Metadata analysis.

External Control Protocols – Customers can manage PAM-IP ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 subscriptions using In-Band or Out-of-Band control protocols.