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ZigBee 3.0 SDK now available

Availability of its ZigBee 3.0 software development kit (SDK) for smart home gateways that incorporate the new GP712 radio communication controller chip is the IBC focus for GreenPeak Technologies, now the Low Power Wireless business unit of Qorvo. The ZigBee 3.0 SDK allows application developers to program a GP712-equipped gateway to communicate seamlessly with various sensors, controllers and systems.

It includes simplified software development models (APIs) that enable quick development of GP712-equipped gateway products as part of complete, end-to-end systems for the smart home.

“GP712-enabled gateways serve as the central point for information gathering and routing of communication between sensors, controllers and smartphone apps,” said Cees Links, general manager of Qorvo’s Low Power Wireless business unit.

“Smart services like home monitoring, senior lifestyle, HVAC and lighting that use different communication standards will be around for some time.

This SDK adds protocol intelligence to the gateway, enabling it to communicate simultaneously using a variety of technologies, and helps ensure compatibility with current and future standards.

We believe this important addition to our portfolio will allow the smart home market to continue to grow in a future-proof way.”

The GP712 radio communication controller chip is said to enable optimal coexistence of multiple smart home systems based on the IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard, supporting ZigBee 3.0.