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EBU establishes Web3.0 and metaverse working group

EBU is inviting members to join the group, and has appointed Alberto Ciprian from RAI R&D to serve as its chair

The European Broadcasting Union’s Technical Committee has launched a new project group to investigate how Web3.0 and the metaverse could impact the media ecosystems and consumption behaviours of public service media.

The group has been launched following an EBU workshop on the topic, attended by participants from 70 members of the organisation.

The EBU Technical Committee is now inviting members to join the new working group and has appointed Alberto Ciprian from RAI R&D to serve as its chair. Ciprian will be assisted by project coordinator Paola Sunna, EBU T&I, who also organised the workshop.

“Chairing this group is a fantastic opportunity”, said Ciprian. “What we’re looking to do now is to bring EBU Member experts and talent from technology and creative backgrounds together. This will contribute to the success of the group.”

Hans Hoffmann, senior manager at EBU T&I, who also facilitated the interactive workshop, added: “The workshop provided us with a wide selection of possible goals, but together we were able to converge on several key objectives, such as the sharing of uses cases, and the creation of an experimental platform for collaboration and experimenting together in a Web3.0, metaverse and NFT environment.”