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Walton De-Ice: Gas heaters now CE certified

Now available worldwide with CE (European Union) certification are Walton De-Ice’s gas heaters which, combined with the Walton De-Ice Plenum system, are claimed to offer unparalleled performance and reliability.

“These heaters provide the most rapid and cost-effective solution for preventing snow and ice build-up at the lowest operational cost for an ESA” said Walton De-Ice’s, David Walton. “Since their introduction we have installed over 250 units. The new Gas

Heater is easy to upgrade on existing antennas by using the same wiring and mounting configuration as Walton’s original heaters.”

The new heaters feature dual hot surface igniters, providing redundancy in the ignition sequence, while a large flame sensing rod means that turbulence is no longer a factor during ignition sequence. Also included is a positive blower recognition for ignition sequence. The normally open contact on the air flow switch operates power to the ignition unit: if there is no air flow, no ignition takes place: the ignition unit will not be energised and the unit will go into ignition failure mode.