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VVR enhances distribution security

A new virtual video router (VVR) from Layer 3 has been jointly developed with Sematron to complement the latter’s Truncatis Video Delivery Network. This is claimed to provide a powerful mechanism for managing video contribution and distribution within networks, enhancing security and simplifying configuration and operation. According to Sematron, it turns a technically complex configuration and management problem into an easy-to-use application.

The virtual video router allows contributors to deliver their content to more than one subscriber while negating the need for constant firewall reconfigurations to the subscriber’s network. By providing an additional layer, or mid-point, between contributors and subscribers where each contributor can be set up with their own IP address and port dedicated to their incoming contribution, Sematron says that the router effectively offers the contributor their own virtual decoder.

Once this is in place, the subscriber can choose to select which contributors they receive contributions from, thereby protecting their decode chain from the unmediated contributions. Additionally this mid-point (or turnaround) provides a user interface for the contributors, where they can check that their stream is being correctly received.

This works without them having to have access to the destination, thus allowing them to ‘self-provide’ and reducing the work required at the subscribing MCR.