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Virtualised services and dynamic processing

Facility 2020, a software-defined data centre for broadcasters, is being showcased, alongside evEDGE, a software-defined compute and routing platform.

Evertz said that Facility 2020 leverages its SDVN infrastructure and orchestration software to enable customers to take a data centre approach to their facility, where they can virtualise processes and services on generic processing nodes and blades.

This shift from discrete and dedicated hardware infrastructure to one where software processes are ‘spun up’ and ‘spun down’ to create a heterogeneous infrastructure is extremely appealing to end users, the company claimed.

According to Evertz, with broadcasters deploying IP throughout their facility, a paradigm shift will be realised on how assets and resources are deployed and workflows are managed, the company believes, and broadcasters will leverage IP and virtualisation to create facilities that are flexible, agile, and efficient.

With the new evEDGE, the company said that broadcasters can use modular compute blades to provide dynamic video, audio, and metadata processing that includes media gateways for formats such as SMPTE RDD 37, SMPTE-2022-6, NDI, RFC 4175, and AES67.

It also supports multi-viewing, as well as video and audio conversion and processing.