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BBC Cymru Wales takes to the cloud, NEP connects with Net Insight, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest products and services news from Object Matrix, NEP Connect, Net Insight and Sony

BBC Cymru Wales has extended its storage contract with Object Matrix as it looks to move to the cloud.

The broadcaster initially became an Object Matrix customer in 2010 when 200TB of MatrixStore On-Prem was deployed as a nearline storage platform for its Human Planet series. The capacity footprint has since increased to 1.5 petabytes and workflows have include Avid Interplay PAM archiving as well as Telestream Vantage content transformation.

BBC Cymru Wales has now signed a new five-year deal with the vendor to upgrade its existing MatrixStore on-prem infrastructure to a hybrid workflow. The new configuration includes 2 petabytes of MatrixStore On-Prem object storage, 1 petabyte of MatrixStore Cloud and move23 applications.

NEP connects with Net Insight on IP remote production

NEP Connect has selected Net Insight to deliver remote production workflows for UK broadcasters.

Net Insight’s remote production workflow solution allows full production capabilities with multi-stream alignment of video and audio feeds from 30 HD cameras, alongside UHD 4K and slow-motion cameras to transport multiple streams back to the centralised production centre. NEP Connect’s Anylive contribution network leverages Net Insight’s scalable Nimbra technology with upgradeable MAM Boards and JPEG 2000 to support 3G 1080p.

The deployment will support Anylive’s transition to JPEG XS and ST 2110 virtualised and all-IP workflows in the future.

“For this project Net Insight’s Nimbra media ecosystem solution enables us to extend our Anylive network’s capabilities to meet our customer’s technical specification and future roadmap,” says David Meynell, managing director at NEP Connect. “With customer and end-consumer expectations rising, it is important to ensure we deploy cutting-edge technology Net Insight is the right partner to help us future-proof our media network and continue to deliver exciting end-user experiences.”

TVN Mobile Production upgrades OB van with Sony

TVN Mobile Production has equppied its newly refurbished OB3 vehicle with ten HDC-5500 Sony camera systems to strengthen its sports and live events production capabilities.

The cameras are capable of outputting 4K UHD & HDR and are configured with Sony’s HDCU-5000 Camera Control Unit supporting Ultra High Bitrate transmission and as such enabling 4K 2x slow motion.

The 18-metre long vehicle also includes a Sony XVS-8000 multiformat production switcher. The UHD native switcher is equipped with Sony’s recently introduced Mix Effect Processing boards. According to Sony, the  combination of HDC-5500/HDCU-5000 and XVS-8000 supports a simultaneous HDR/SDR production workflow developed in collaboration with TVN. This workflow enables TVN to deliver independent High Dynamic Range and SDR signals to meet broadcasters’ distribution requirements without requiring dual crews and duplication of production hardware.