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Ericsson launches fully-virtualised video processing platform

Solution to debut at NAB 2017

Ericsson has launched its MediaFirst Management Controller and Ericsson MediaFirst Encoding Live 8.1.

The solution will debut at NAB 2017 this month, and the company claimed that the launch has “created the foundation for all IP and cloud-native delivery models.”

It is designed to enable operators to capitalise on consumer demand for new services in areas such as UHD, VR and AR, along with new revenue generating opportunities like dynamic ad insertion.

Elisabetta Romano, vice president and head of media solutions, Ericsson (pictured), said: “We are making it easier to monetise services and drive down processing delivery costs throughout the entire content lifecycle.

“Management Controller and Encoding Live 8.1 are pivotal enhancements to MediaFirst Video Processing, the media industry‚Äôs most complete video processing solution. With these launches, Ericsson simplifies operations for content owners, broadcasters and service providers by enabling the move to complete virtualisation across the media processing delivery chain.”

Ericsson MediaFirst Management Controller is designed to simplify the transition to software-based architecture, providing a unified access point for Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing products including encoding live, on-demand, packaging, and stream processing.

According to Ericsson, MediaFirst Video Processing Encoding Live 8.1 enables faster content deployment, drives operationally efficient delivery, and “delivers more immersive consumer experiences than ever before.”