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Virtual filmmaking on the Big Screen

After breaking ground at IBC2015 with a high-profile demonstration of the first two films (Tomorrowland and Inside Out) ever to be released theatrically in High Dynamic Range (HDR), this year IBC has gone one step further and outfitted the state of the art IBC Big Screen with HDR projection provided by long-term supporters, Dolby Labs.

In addition, Dolby Atmos immersive audio will be featured again powered by QSC. This will enable delegates to appreciate a series of presentations and screenings which illustrate the emerging technologies which filmmakers, studios and exhibitors have at their disposal to attract audiences to the box office.

The Friday and Saturday sessions will examine how new tools such as light field imaging and advances in performance capture are merging the disciplines of production and post to form new virtual filmmaking techniques. The culmination will be a masterclass from VFX guru, Kevin Baillie, on the application of virtual sets in features such as Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk. With virtual reality being taken seriously by Hollywood, an expert panel asks what VR means for storytellers and the movie industry.

The Sunday and Monday of the IBC Big Screen Experience will focus on the impact of experiential innovation (from HDR and wider colour ranges to immersive audio and High Frame Rates) on the future of the theatrical format. Featured speakers include Warner
Bros’ VP technology, Michael Zink, and Curt Behlmer SVP of content solutions at Dolby.

There’s also analysis of the impact big data is making on cinema exhibition. This ranges from how films are being programmed, to how they are optimised for in-cinema performance and how audience insights are being leveraged. Steffen Schier, head of film at CinemaxX Entertainment will be part of this panel.

Don’t forget that the IBC Big Screen Experience is free to IBC attendees as part of your IBC2016 entry. Look out too for announcements of the film blockbusters which are screened for free as part of the IBC Big Screen Experience and which highlight the pinnacle of creative and technical achievement.