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IBC Big Screen: Movie-making in the Matrix

The world’s filmmakers are moving rapidly towards all-digital production, and today’s younger filmmakers have frequently cut their creative teeth on iPhones, inexpensive digital camera systems and Apple Macs. This session questions the impact cloud computing and virtual production and post production tools are having on modern filmmaking processes.

Produced and moderated by Kate Morrison-Lyons from Fluent Images, the session ‘Movie-making in the Matrix—are you ready for a virtualised movie production?’ asks whether moving away from traditional infrastructure-based production workflows can offer practical and financial advantages? What are the implications for production/post facilities as we know them today? What does the future hold?

The session investigates how this technology spans movie production from Hollywood blockbuster to indie feature. The panel of experts, including Jon Gardner, director of operations, Eikon, Naomi Climer from Sony Media’s Cloud Services and Ben Roeder, CTO at Sohonet, will look at the architecture, systems and processes available now and explore the real world use of cloud.

“This is a session for anyone who is looking to make a movie that involves anything more advanced than an iPhone (and even those too),” hints Morrison-Lyons.