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Unified LapTop Dolly and pedestal base

The latest generation of LapTop Dolly is much more versatile, as it is not a mere dolly base limited to accept either tripods or riser/swivel support combinations. Now it can be equipped with receptacles for both, including Vinten and Sachtler’s removable pedestal columns – a feature requested by numerous OB productions.

Other new features include: three 100mm bowls built into the platform so that low shots can be done more easily; additional receptacles to mount the operator’s swivel seat, allowing for more space behind the camera; twin tyres for all four wheels to cope better with uneven ground; and the cut-outs to mount camera tripods now work with most manufacturer’s sticks – and use the manufacturer’s rubber hooks to provide stability and safety.

The LapTop Dolly comes with its own track package of almost 6m of straight track. ProSup uses the seamless Tango lightweight track based on its centrefold collapsing system, which does not extend the tracks when folded for transport.