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Two-stage tripod trio introduced

Among the new camera support equipment being introduced by Camgear (and its new European and Middle East distributor Aspectra) are three tripod systems.

Camgear’s V15P MS CF is a two-stage carbon fibre tripod system with mid-level spreader that can handle cameras weighing up to 20kg. It weighs 8.1kg, including head, which has nine-position counterbalance and six-step drag. There are also ground-level spreader and aluminium versions of the tripod.

The V25P EFP MS CF is a larger carbon fibre tripod system with mid-level spreader that can cope with a payload of up to 32kg and weighs 11.02kg with head, which has ten-position counterbalance and eight steps pan and tilt drag. Its height range goes from 0.73-1.78m and it packs down to 96cm for transport. There is also a ground-level spreader version.

The Camgear V10P GS AL is a two-stage aluminium 100mm bowl tripod system with ground spreader that has a maximum payload of 13kg. The system weighs 7.04kg, including eight-position counterbalance head (four steps drag), has a height range of 0.56-1.65m, and a transport length of 0.86m.

There are also mid-level spreader and carbon fibre versions.