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Tall towers and mobiles battle for the future

The Great Spectrum Debate on Thursday afternoon will ask how can we compare the public value of broadcasting against the benefits of better mobile broadband access? Should more radio spectrum be released for mobile data communications? How can the competing demands of broadcasting and broadband best be balanced?

The panelists, moderated by Dr William Cooper of informitv, will look at the usage of spectrum, and question whether tall terrestrial TV towers have a future importance as the most efficient way to reach audiences. They’ll argue whether the transition to digital TV allows more efficient use of the finite radio frequency spectrum.

Yet many homes now receive TV through cable or satellite, or interactive services through online networks. There is now increasing demand for new communications networks like mobile broadband that can deliver significant social and economic benefits.

Three leading experts will argue in favour of the motion that mobile broadband can provide greater value from terrestrial TV’s spectrum. They’ll be opposed by three equally skilled enthusiasts who want to keep their tall towers.