Switch on to TS features

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Starfish-1 Splicer Monitor screenshot

New features for the company’s range of transport stream processing products are being showcased. Joining the established TS Splicer product will be the software-based TS Switch, designed for standalone switching or as a supplement to existing switching technologies.

Peter Blatchford, sales and marketing director, Starfish, said: “TS Switch is a highly refined switching technology that has been successfully trialled by a major international service provider. It is of particular value to those implementing IP-based content delivery systems.”

TS Splicer provides simultaneous splicing of more than 20 HD or SD video services on a single server. Supporting MPEG-2, H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) encoded media, TS Splicer’s frame-accurate processing is designed to ensure pristine video signal quality is maintained throughout the process.

Audio splicing is also a major feature, with the ability to splice AAC, AC-3 and MPEG-1 Layer II streams.

Starfish is also showcasing enhancements to its audio description products, which includes more flexible system configuration, better browse media handling, and support for 64-bit operating systems.