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Analysing H.265 HEVC in DVB-T2

The use of H.265 HEVC in DVB-T2 transmission brings new challenges, according to Promax, which is showcasing HD Ranger 3.

The company said it was the first TV analyser of its kind to offer HEVC signal demodulation compatible with these new signals. The device can be fully operated using both the touchpanel and the conventional keyboard.

HD Ranger 3 features an IPTV input, common interface (CAM) for encrypted channels, HDMI interface and TS-ASI I/O, together with advanced features like a task planner, real-time TS recorder/player and analyser function, LTE filters, dynamic echoes analysis and StealthID (instant signal identification).

HD Ranger 3 can receive a T2-MI signal in the form of both ASI or IP formats, performing IP transport quality measurements, T2-MI packet analysis and PLP de-encapsulation.

It also supports Digital Channel Stacking Switch LNB, which take multiuser single cable distribution systems one step further.