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Streamlining scalable streaming

At IBC2016, Streamroot is presenting recent deployments of its multi-device, peer-assisted streaming solution with broadcasters across the globe.

The company noted that streaming platforms are constantly seeking solutions to better scale to their audiences. The nature of their traffic is inherently volatile, with spikes that are increasingly large and difficult to predict.Broadcasters must often adapt quickly by supplying bandwidth in various parts of the world.

Not surprisingly, outages are common as platforms struggle to cope with unprecedented demand. Providing for additional capacity at peak viewing times is both expensive and risky, as it is increasingly difficult to estimate the number of viewers and provision accordingly.

Streamroot thus aims to help resolve these issues with decentralised peer-assisted delivery.

With a mixed CDN/P2P solution, Streamroot connects the different peers watching the same stream in order to reduce broadcasters’ bandwidth by up to 90 per cent.