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Storage for media workflows

While the company’s Silent Brick movable storage has been around for three years – with customers mainly from backup and secure archiving – in the media industry workflows are essential. Because of this, FAST LTA is introducing a fully featured REST API for the Silent Brick system.

This allows for integration of secure, movable disk or SSD storage into MAM applications and other workflow solutions.

Silent Bricks feature sturdy, movable aluminium containers with 12 disks or SSDs each, offering up to 24 gross capacity per Silent Brick. The data on each Silent Brick is protected through ZFS dual or triple parity, encryption and optional WORM sealing.

The drive is a two-slot, 1U device with 10G Ethernet connection, ideal for taking footage on the road or securing data at location. The controller, offering five slots and expandable through shelves with 14 slots each, offers up to multi-petabyte capacity for media archiving.