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Socialising around media

SAM, Socialising Around Media, offers an integrated multimedia platform to create rich, enhanced multiscreen experiences. The project, led by TIE Kinetix, entails content discovery, delivery and distribution opportunities.

Its production platform, or SAM Marketplace, is used for data management, metadata enhancement, advanced linking, customisation and analytics. It includes different components, such as an asset browser for search and discovery of related content, a style editor for customised multiscreen display, linking and synchronisation tools and analytics for automated user feedback

The SAM platform was developed under the EU’s FP7, which ends shortly after IBC. Further enhancements are being made to the platform, such as improved usability and efficiency for the second screen production tool, based on feedback from broadcast editors, and on metadata aggregation requested by archive users.

The next steps focus on exploitation and customisation and exploring opportunities of actual deployment. Adding in particular audio mining technologies – and perhaps even video recognition – would greatly enhance the effectiveness of automating the synchronisation, said the developer.

Project partners include German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and British metadata aggregator BDS West10. Technology partners include Ascora (Germany) which focuses on technology and architecture integration; Talkamatic (Sweden) handling voice control of smart TV applications; the University of Alicante (Spain) which deals with semantic characterisation/exploitation of data and opinion mining from user comments; and NTUA (Greece) in charge of advanced linking.

In addition, the University of Reading (UK) handles community building and user interactivity through social media and end-user evaluation analysis. TPVision (Belgium) develops smart TV applications, interfacing and multi-device dashboards for SAM.