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Interactive content finds users

Socialising Around Media, or SAM, is about content finding the user’s second screen through syndication. The EU-funded multi-partner project, co-ordinated by Tie Kinetix, aims to change the ‘inactive viewer’ into a proactive prosumer with social media interaction and decision-making on content.

Content shown on the first screen is supplemented by related content on one or more additional screens, with active use by the consumer, explained the SAM team.

It has developed a media production tool for content providers to enrich their content and make more and better use of existing content. Content aggregators, meanwhile, can enhance their knowledge with advanced semantic linking.

Demonstrated in the Future Zone is a smart TV native app with multiscreen related content on various mobile devices, as well as a second screen production platform to produce a second screen experience. The SAM dashboard offers broadcasters – and other content providers – the opportunity to expand the use of existing content by creating a second screen experience.

The production platform imports metadata from a data repository, with a built-in mapping tool. This facilitates importing of data and automatically finds and suggests related data from data repositories in the SAM marketplace and external content such as Wikipedia. It also allows synchronisation of the related content with the primary video.

“This tool has proven its usefulness especially for video-on-demand in a learning or workshop-type environment,” stated a spokesperson for SAM. “The result of the second screen production can be previewed in the platform and the result can be viewed immediately in the smart TV playout showing first and second screen content as an end user.”