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Smarter two-way monitoring

Making its IBC debut is the 1032C two-way monitor. The company described the 1032C as a small footprint, two-way nearfield monitor that fuses the soffit-mountable classic styling of the established 1000 series with a host of new developments.

This product features the company’s Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology.

While the 1032C offers rear-mounted DIP switches to adjust response, the option of tailoring the response even more precisely using Genelec’s GLM software is a big upgrade.

GLM also adds the possibility of building monitoring systems of any size using a variety of SAM models and the ability to mute, solo and switch between monitors when using the system.

As a latest generation SAM device, the 1032C also includes features such as delay alignment, video compensation delay and level calibration, along with input sensing for automatic power saving and wake up (ISS).

It is also said to offer a wide dynamic range, pristine imaging and the on/off axis response of the Genelec 1000 Series. Other upgrades include auto-calibration and networking software, a digital input, higher SPL and increased low frequency extension.