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SmartBoom Lite series of headsets launched

The new professional intercom division of CoachComm, Pliant Technologies, the company behind the CrewCom professional wireless intercom product, is introducing the SmartBoom Lite series of headsets here at IBC2016.

Along with the complete line of SmartBoom Pro headsets, the SmartBoom Lite series offers advanced features and design enhancements including SmartBoom technology, which allows the adjustable microphone boom to act as an on/off switch for quick muting.

Gary Rosen, global sales manager at Pliant Technologies, said: “The SmartBoom Lite puts the latest in professional communications technologies into a smaller form factor, which many talent and crew require.

The series retains the features, comfort and reliability needed in the most demanding professional environments. With SmartBoom Lite, we are expanding our headset product line to cover the diverse needs and preferences of those working in the field.”

The SmartBoom series of communications headsets are specifically designed for comfort, flexibility and durability, claimed the company. In addition to the SmartBoom on/off microphone muting feature, the closed back, on-ear headsets feature a single-ear lightweight design with enhanced acoustic isolation.

The mic boom is flexible and has a dynamic noise-cancelling cardioid microphone optimised for voice communications.